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Tire Balancing

Proper wheel balancing is an essential part of car maintenance. It guarantees that your vehicle will roll smoothly on the road and prevents premature wear. At S&T Motorsports, we have years of experience with precision wheel balancing. Our technicians take the time to properly calculate your tire and wheel’s weight ratios and then to calibrate properly to one another.

If you feel like you need tire balancing or would like to add it to your next service visit, give us a call by clicking the link below!

Wheel Balance Assessment

So, you think your wheels might be out of balance, but you’re not sure if, or how much, they are? Time to book an appointment at S&T Motorsports.

We will perform a full inspection and assessment of your wheels. Using ultra-sensitive tremor detection technology and a precision balancing machine, we will identify any wobble and its cause. Performing this feature on each wheel and tire, we will then use specialized weights to regain your lost balance. It’s a delicate procedure that requires the professional help of our mechanics.

Why Do Wheels Get Out of Balance?

There are a number of reasons to bring your vehicle in for wheel balancing, many of which are out of your control. For example, your wheel may be slightly off-balance due to imperfections in the tire itself. This is very common and can be easily solved by either shifting the position of the tire on the wheel or by using precision weights to recalibrate them.

It often happens that if a tire is replaced, the new tire must be balanced to the weight of the wheel itself. And although we are always careful to do that, other shops may forget while rushing through service orders.

Tires can also get out of balance over time, through everyday wear and tear. As each tire wears a little differently, they may throw the wheel off balance, causing it to vibrate or wobble during rotation.

Experienced Car Wheel Balancing Technicians

Wheel balancing requires patience and a nuanced understanding of mechanical engineering. Our mechanics are certified and have extensive training. With years of experience, they have acquired the uncanny ability to rebalance even the most challenging wheels. Every day we are impressed with their work. And we know you will be too.

Tire Balancing That’s Friendly and Fast

Not sure whether we’re the right shop to bring your car? Give us a call to get a taste of our amazing customer service. Better yet, drop by the shop and speak to us in person! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and give you an accurate service estimate. Around here, we’re all about customer service. You’re not just treated as a client. You’re treated like a neighbor, as a friend––as family.

Fast turnaround times and the friendliest service in town—that’s S&T Motorsports: where quality really does make a difference. Choose the best auto shop in the region.

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